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Denise, thank you so much! Business is booming (double last year), my relationship with my husband has gotten so much better and I’m having more fun! I’m taking time for me and my stress is way down. My relationship with my sister is improving. I’m really enjoying seeing my growth… I’m proud of all I have achieved…because it will take me to the next level…It’s great to be this free.


Are you feeling:

  • Hopeless or stuck, wondering what to do?
  • Overwhelmed by change?
  • Pain, sleeping poorly, or gaining weight?

I coach individuals to live an awesome life…not just existing, struggling with pain, money worries, conflicts in relationships, and longing to make money with meaning.

As The Courageous Heart Coach I have learned through life what it takes to move from surviving to thriving, from debt to abundance, and from pain to freedom in mind-body-spirit. It’s my mission to train others to transform.

As your coach I will guide you on a unique holistic journey to change problems to solutions so you achieve your goals – in ways that are simple, effective, and empowering. Coaching works virtually — as long as you have an internet or phone connection you can receive support — I’m here for you.

In high school I started studying psychology and haven’t stopped since. What makes my coaching different is a toolbox full of proven techniques, methods, and cutting-edge strategies delivered with deep respect, non-judgment, and intuitive guidance. You will feel safe and held in love so that you embody COURAGE to take new actions resulting in CONFIDENCE. I teach you new knowledge and skills so that:

  • self-care becomes sacred,
  • pain triggers release,
  • chaotic thought patterns of repetition diminish, and
  • your mind calms so you can think straight and experience peace.

You will replace old, unproductive patterns of thought and behavior while revitalizing your energy for focused, powerful momentum.

If you are ready to find balance, prioritize what’s most important in multiple areas, and follow my Courageous Heart Roadmap to transform your life…schedule a consultation today.

Your body, bank account and beloveds will thank you.

Denise, you are an amazing woman with a blindingly bright light to shine on our broken planet. I feel deeply comforted knowing you are out there doing such transformational, powerful and enlightening work.

Cynthia D., transformational Coach — AZ

I have been lucky to experience an Evolutionary Mystic Meditation session with Denise M. Simpson to deal with perfectionism and feeling ‘not good enough,’ and it was more than amazing!

Denise is compassionate, intuitive, and very gentle. She is highly skilled in more than one modality, and uses her talents and tools for the the best results for the client.

I felt much better after one session, and I believe there is a shift of my feeling “I CAN do what I want! I AM good enough! Im ready to deliver my talents in even a bigger way!”

I highly recommend working with Denise on your issues; it is a gift you give to yourself to live a more empowered life.

Myrette Sokkhari, Money Coach – Egypt
photo of myrette

Coaching helped me to get out of a funk that I was stuck in and could not manage to pull myself out of even though I’d tried everything. Now I feel more whole and confident having the tools to keep me on a more pleasing path.

Richard C., business owner – Tyngsboro, MA

“Money continues to flow…a lot’s happening!  For years there were spurts in business, now it’s turned 180 degrees and I have steady momentum. I’ve gone from $200 a month and now had my first $10,000 month.  I’m on track in July and made $6,000.  I’ve got bigger contracts coming in. My debt has been knocked down and will be paid off in a couple of months. I turned ‘a sting’ at networking into an opportunity receiving multiple invitations. After our last meeting I’m observing myself more, seeing resistance or controlling, and bringing that awareness into my relationship. My morning routine is changing incorporating an exercise bike and scheduling. I’m dealing with changes instead of dwelling on negativity.  I’m tackling and trying new things.  This is the first time I’ve had this much traction!

Ben E. – Nashua, NH

Connect to your Soul Purpose ~ Live in your Body ~ Calm your Mind ~ Love your Life!

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