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Courage ~ Confidence ~ Success

We coach adults to transform limitations into wellness, profits, and joyful relationships to love life.

Stop stress by relaxing the mind and overcome resistance to create breakthrough actions which support your heart’s desires.  Coaching uplifts your health, business, money, relationships, and writing.

 7-Levels of Living with a Courageous Heart helps you:

  • Thrive instead of survive
  • Feel safe despite life’s challenges
  • Take bold actions in novel ways
  • Connect the passion for your soul’s mission to succeed
  • Express yourself powerfully
  • Make a bigger impact!
  • Enjoy clarity without confusion
  • Build confidence as your new habits create unprecedented results

Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out?


There’s no energy for self-care or creativity.

“I’m burned out, stuck in a rut, I don’t know what to do…nothing will ever change.”

Do you experience chaos, spinning thoughts, sleepless nights…and has worry become your best friend?


You’ve been disappointed time and again so…

“Why bother?”

Do you work SO hard and struggle with money, writing, procrastination, perfectionism, or jumping from one idea to the next…never achieving what you want but striving so hard for it?


“Not good enough…”

  • You will transform your chaotic mind into calmness, clarity and peace.with Evolutionary Mystic Meditation™
  • You will implement revolutionary self-care to relieve stress, pain, and improve vitality
  • You will learn how to boost your Compassion, Connection, and Communication in respectful, heart-centered manners which remove limitations so that the fullest expression of your potential is achieved.
  • You will experience breakthroughs in writing for pleasure, profits, or promotion as you commit, prioritize time to write, draft with ease, and edit effectively so publishing transforms from impossible to inevitable

YOUR BODY – Start with Self-care

Your body needs Sacred Self-care for energy to live fully into your destiny. Resolve trauma, pain, sleep and weight issues for vitality. 


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YOUR MIND Needs Calm…so you gain clarity, prioritize effectively, and live more patiently, compassionately, and with focus

Calm the chaos in your mind with Evolutionary Mystic Meditation™ so that you reach Stillness in 60 minutes.  Transmute the Inner Voices of Doubt, Worry, Fear, Judgment, the Inner Critic, Procrastination, Self-sabotage…and so many more into allies while supercharging your Success Team of voices for an empowered OPTIMIZED  life.

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YOUR EMOTIONS – Heal the hurts, Feel Love and Increase Joy!

Life is a journey and sometimes it’s painful.  Patterns develop which limit your confidence and success.  Transform the hurts to stop anxiety, sadness, anger, and doubt.  Gain emotional mastery to empower your belief in yourself – charge what you’re worth, become assertive, and manifest more easily than ever before. 


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When you know you have a story to tell, want to write to leave a legacy, publish on Amazon, or to get your voice heard in the marketplace ~ Courageous Heart Writing is a group-based program for skill building, overcoming writers’ block, and embracing your unique voice in written form.  Writers boost their word count and enjoy the “Writer’s Love Support Seat” as they read and allow in feedback which boosts their confidence and suggestions to make their writing crisp, clean, and more readable.

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Your desire to live a more whole, balanced, and profitable life starts here…NOW is the time to get out of your rut and into your groove!

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Here’s what Denise’s clients say…

Denise, thank you so much! Business is booming (double last year), my relationship with my husband has gotten so much better and I’m having more fun! I’m taking time for me and my stress is way down. My relationship with my sister is improving. I’m really enjoying seeing my growth… I’m proud of all I have achieved…because it will take me to the next level…It’s great to be this free.

Lisa B.
Franchise Owner
Denise, you are an amazing woman with a blindingly bright light to shine on our broken planet. I feel deeply comforted knowing you are out there doing such transformational, powerful and enlightening work.​

Cynthia D.
Transformational Coach
“Money continues to flow…a lot’s happening!  For years there were spurts in business, now it’s turned 180 degrees and I have steady momentum. I’ve gone from $200 a month and now had my first $10,000 month.  I’m on track in July and made $6,000.  I’ve got bigger contracts coming in. My debt has been knocked down and will be paid off in a couple of months. I turned ‘a sting’ at networking into an opportunity receiving multiple invitations. After our last meeting I’m observing myself more, seeing resistance or controlling, and bringing that awareness into my relationship. My morning routine is changing incorporating an exercise bike and scheduling. I’m dealing with changes instead of dwelling on negativity.  I’m tackling and trying new things.  This is the first time I’ve had this much traction!“

Ben E.
Web Guru – NH

The Best Experience Ever
Coaching helped me to get out of a funk that I was stuck in and could not manage to pull myself out of even though I’d tried everything. Now I feel more whole and confident having the tools to keep me on a more pleasing path.

Rich C.
Business Owner – MA

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