10 Tips for Treating COVID-19 Corona Virus

The world is different…your business, daily routine, and household are different, your relationships and money may be different…and if you contracted COVID-19 – your body may be different.

Mine is, but here’s what’s working for my recovery so I wanted to share these tips with you. *Note: I am not a medical doctor so these are suggestions. Consult with your professional if you have symptoms of illness and follow guidelines set forth on the CDC.gov website. Use these taking full responsibility for your own health.

That said, common sense and old fashioned practical care of your body can go a long way to staying healthy or recovering back to health. Perhaps there is a silver lining to paying more attention to your self-care?

1. Boost Immunity – Take 7,000-12,000mg/day of EmergenC or other vitamin C / Zinc supplement if you are ill.* Your body will use what it needs and excrete the rest. Boost fluid intake throughout the day, as much as possible.

2. Increase humidity – Diffuse essential oils of tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic), peppermint, lemon, menthol, eucalyptus, and/or camphor in the bedroom or in a bowl of water to increase moisture in the air while providing antiseptic support.

3. Another method is to sprinkle essential oils on a facecloth while in the shower to help release the vapors for easier breathing. If you take a warm bath then a few drops can be added to bath water, 1 cup epsom salt, and 1 cup of baking soda for a relaxing detoxifying bath.

4. Warm fluids every 20 minutes: drink warm water, herbal tea, chicken or other broth to help hydrate the body and also wash any virus from the mouth into the stomach where gastric acids can destroy them.

5. Gargle – with antiseptic mouthwash, lemon juice in water, or salt water daily. Again this helps to wash the virus down into the stomach to neutralize it.

6. Nutrition – your body needs sustenance even when you don’t have a heavy appetite. As long as you’re holding solids down, eat nutritious foods in small portions throughout the day. It will tax your body less to digest them and keep your energy up. Fruits, vegetables, broths, green smoothies, lean proteins can all benefit your nutritional needs. Eliminate the salty, sugary, fatty, and processed foods.

7. Rest – Give yourself permission to rest, nap, go to bed early, or sleep late if you are ill. Allow yourself time to recover. You’ll actually do better than pushing yourself and slowing down recovery period.

8. Tap to reduce Stress, fears, worries and this boosts your mood and endorphins. Take control over your mind to aid your healing.

9. Stay positive in your mind to help your body. Stay connected to loved ones and neighbors. It may be hard to talk without coughing but do find out how to connect with folks via phone, email, social media, etc…I opened the window to have a conversation with my neighbor who’s been bringing me groceries. It looks a little bit like Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, but it sure made me feel less isolated and alone. People do care…allow them to help you if you need it. If you are not sick, do what you can to help others.

10. Follow recommendations to stay home, stay clean, and stay safe. We’re all in this together and it will pass. Focus on gratitude for opportunities presented to declutter, get organized, learn a new skill online, play games with family, or volunteer to sew face masks…here’s a link for one.

Leave your comment below. What is your favorite way to recover faster?

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