5 Tips to Relax for Self-Expression

We’re living in a time of rapid, unexpected, challenging, and even traumatic times.  Voices are being called forth to express their life experiences, to be heard, honored, and acknowledged.  #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter

Your Soul Wants You to Succeed

You may feel it deep in your heart – the soul’s calling for you to be more, do things differently…to create a new way of being, a new life in a world that is vastly different than it was in January of 2020. Perhaps you’ve been feeling unsettled even before the Pandemic hit, knowing there was more for you to be than a busy parent with household, financial, and relationships responsibilities, and the strain of working – whether it’s as a professional driven to succeed up the corporate ladder or as an entrepreneur with the challenges of becoming profitable.

If you’re like me, you may be a coach who’s left the corporate world to step into their soul’s mission of being a lightworker, a healer, intuitive business guide, and work with the energy of the mind/body/heart/soul connection. And then the question is…are you profitable?

Self-expression is the Key to being Visible…and successful

Being visible in the marketplace and expressing yourself is crucial. Whether you want to write and publish a book, create your entrepreneurial lifestyle business, or harmonize your work/life demands with sacred self-care so that YOU are not last on the list and lost in the shuffle, it may not be as hard as you think to transform what’s not working into a life that does work.

Stop the Stress, Overwhelm, and Struggle!

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself: struggling with fears, doubts, overwhelm.  You don’t have toss and turn not sleeping at night.  You don’t have to sit down in your backyard with loved ones and be so stressed out with swirling thoughts that you can’t settle into a peaceful moment.

5 Tips to Relax

1.  Take a breath – long, slow, deep and repeat 4 more times, each time breathing deeper and deeper into your lower belly. This drops the diaphragm releasing the Vagus nerve and stopping the Stress ‘Fight or Flight’ Response and invoking the Parasympathetic (peace) response.
2.  Stop thinking – imagine a stop light or a pause button.  And realize exactly where you are in the moment.  Look around you, consider if the level of stress and worry is accurate…or just a perceived danger.  Were the thoughts in your head past- or future-based…and not what is actually occurring right in front of you.  Become mindful.
3.  Relax, as best as you can.  Tune into and scan your body from head to toe.  Become aware of areas of muscular tension, discomfort, or tension.  Breathe, relax, and focus on that area.  By acknowledging the sensation in the body, bringing awareness to it, we can allow the energy to release on the exhale.
4.  Gently stretch the body noticing as the sensations change and there ensues a feeling of expansion, looseness, relief!
5.  Identify any emotions and do some Tapping to process them so that you gain freedom and a sense of control.  My YouTube channel has instructions for how to do so, or book a free consultation if you want more support with navigating so that you can be your most creative self to create success in your life.

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