Being Centered in the Storm of Life

As a highly sensitive person it can be hard to be around crowds of people, especially if there is anxiety or stress.  After a weekend of healing, transformation, and connecting with Divine Love and my Courageous Heart surrounded by my coaching community in Houston, TX it was time to travel home to New Hampshire. I was packed and ready to go…only the weather across the eastern third of the United States had different plans.

There were massive thunderstorms and tornado warnings causing air traffic delays across the country.  For hours I received notification after notification of my flight delays, then it was cancelled. I was thrilled to be able to spend more time with my friends, but finally there was no putting off the decision to go to the airport and handle the situation as it unfolded. I just accepted what was happening – and that was SO surprising to me.

For the first time in my life I was just “oh, let’s just deal with it.  Let me go to the airport and see what I can do.”  My friend and I arrived and joined the throngs of people who were all stressed out.  The departure boards were full of red delays and cancellations.

After a long line it was my turn to talk to the flight reservationist to determine what options were available to get home. She was frazzled and impatient from dealing with hundreds of disgruntled passengers.  I calmly heard what she had to say and was able to ask strategic questions to solve the problem instead of complaining. Most other flyers were venting and it wasn’t helping anyone! Unfortunately my friend wasn’t in the same centered, accepting frame of mind as I was. She started swearing, a supervisor was called, and then a sternly issued threat that the next call would security. I actually helped calm her down to break the angry escalation.  She was operating out of her fears, worry, and anxiety.

Throughout the whole discussion I had a pervasive sense of calm, serenity…a bubble of tranquility despite the turmoil going on around me.  I knew my safety was assured on a deep soul level. Truly, I was ‘going with the flow’.

What a blessing to be able to deal calmly, efficiently, and effectively with hours of delays and being re-routed into a whole series of different stop overs. There were questions about making connections for the last flight home, or even not being able to fly that night.  No matter how much anyone yelled at airport staff, there was nothing they could do.  Mother Nature was having her way with these massive storms so trying to control the uncontrollable was useless. Even thinking that a person could control the situation was what caused a lot of stress, drama, tears, and negativity that permeated the whole terminal. Unpleasant to say the least for my sensitive energy system.

And yet…I found my center in the storm of negativity at the Hobby Airport. I was unflappable, un-disturbable, i.e., centered, and yet human enough to want to be home at 4:00pm as originally promised instead of the reality of a 2:00am arrival.  Overall though, the sense of safety I had, the ability to problem solve instead of dissolving into tears, being able to support my friend until she could think straight and take rational action were all an outcome of the transformational weekend I had with Alan Davidson doing Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.

Tapping creates shifts in our brain waves that can induce an analgesic effect of endorphins while stopping the Stress response of ‘Fight or Flight’.

Handling life with a greater sense of stability, less stress, more confidence, and being strategic is well worth the time and effort I’ve put into doing my personal development work.  I’ll probably live longer too releasing the stress, drama, and finding peace in the middle of life’s storms. I would not be the person I am today. I would not be enjoying my life as much as I am without Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.  I feel eternally grateful for learning, practicing, and facilitating these processes.

And I’m blessed to deliver this ground-breaking process to others as an Advanced Certified Facilitator.

Are you ready to live with freedom from turmoil, release the stress, drama, and frustration over situations you can’t control in life?

If you are looking for greater mind mastery to have peace of mind and go with the flow, book a F*ree consultation today.

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Original publication to Alan on Sep 24, 2018, 4:23 PM

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