7 Steps to Easy Self Care

Self care often times gets a bad rap of a ‘selfish’ action. Putting oneself first in front of work, a partner, child care, elder care, family, or friends, the groceries, household chores, banking, laundry, getting the oil changed, etc…of course it comes last on the To Do list. However, it shouldn’t. Self care is not […]

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Being Centered in the Storm of Life

As a highly sensitive person it can be hard to be around crowds of people, especially if there is anxiety or stress.  After a weekend of healing, transformation, and connecting with Divine Love and my Courageous Heart surrounded by my coaching community in Houston, TX it was time to travel home to New Hampshire. I […]

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Courageous Heart Living

  A Courageous heart leads to confidence and charisma manifesting glowing health, flowing wealth, and glowing love! Your heart is Calling You to Succeed Ignite your most powerful energy source, YOUR PASSION for glowing health, flowing money, and growing love… Do you have… COURAGE = the POWER to take bold action CONFIDENCE – soar with […]

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