Caregiving a loved one…and I’m exhausted.

Caregiving comes with stress, worry, overwhelm, working hard…and leads to exhaustion and feeling drained.

This video will help you as a caregiver being a hero or heroine taking care of a loved one. Grab a journal and pen to note your responses.

Start with taking a breath and noticing your body. Where is there tension or constriction in the body? What are your emotions when you think of this? Write them down. Tune into the stress, worry, or anxiety. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 and note that number.

Watch the video to perform the Tapping sequence about the dynamics of caregiving. Make a note of how your body feels after a round or two of Tapping.

Positive Tapping starts at 6:38 for choosing to be a caregiver and giving yourself some self-care. Asking for help is not a failure on your part, but a necessity to keep your body healthy and strong. Results can be more productivity and effectiveness if you choose to take care of yourself.

Tapping works by giving you the space to voice the negative while stimulating accupressure points which actually helps to neutralize the Stress Response and stop cortisol production in the brain. Oftentimes we suppress our emotions and ‘don’t want to complain’. Tapping is a safe, effective method of telling the truth about your situation, and then bringing in a positive mindset that allows for changes and improvement.

RESULTS are that you’ll feel heard, validated, more relaxed, calmer, and more capable of performing your daily tasks, most likely. Clear your mind to live with more peace.

Ask me questions, leave a comment, and use whenever you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or struggling. Make Tapping a daily habit as you take a break during your day. Children can learn to Tap to self-soothe and calm themselves too.

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