Tap Away Your Holiday Blues

Tap Away Your Holiday Blues

Stop Holiday Stress!

  • Are you feeling more like Scrooge than Santa?
  • Do the dark days of winter bring you down instead of filling your head with visions of sugar plums?
  • Is the frantic search for gifts, struggling with credit card debt, and loss of loved ones leaving you hiding under the covers?

This workshop is for you if the Christmas / Holiday season is a source of distress.  Feeling blue is more common than you might think so you’re not alone!

Come join in this event designed to relieve some stress, sadness, and struggle as you learn Tapping, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

You’ll sleep better, feel relaxed or energized, and lighter.

  • Attend virtually in your pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate by your side.
  • Grab a paper / pen for some valuable insights
  • Invite a friend!
  • Downloadable recording
  • ONLY $17 as my gift to YOU       Value $150.00

I want in!

Stop Holiday Stress

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