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  • Do you suffer from pain?
  • Do you wake up wondering how bad your pain is going to be?
  • Do you spend time, money, and energy seeking relief with medical appointments and treatments that just don’t seem to work?

If you said ‘Yes’ then we have the solution for you!

Come to this introductory workshop to discover the roots of your pain and how to work with your body and mind to alleviate your suffering, so that you can find relief, relaxation, and move with less discomfort and more freedom.

Be Active without pain and enjoy movement again!

Denise and Zsuzsa will guide you through focused “exercises” engaging your body, mind and nervous system.  Through gentle directed movement, guided imagery and Tapping – the Emotional Freedom Technique – you will leave with:

  • insights about your pain,
  • why medical treatments don’t work for you,
  • and new ways of moving.

Register today for your journey towards pain-free living.

This class will be the breakthrough you’re looking for to turn these around!

In this 90-minute workshop you will:

  1. Learn why medications alone don’t work – and what’s missing in order to heal
  2. Learn how your brain and emotions are at the root of your healing
  3. Learn how your body mechanics can accelerate your body’s ability to heal
  4. Leave feeling relaxed, informed, and relieved!

Both Tapping and The Feldenkrais Method® shift brain waves from a pain state into a healing state.

You CAN increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement.

I want freedom from pain!

Join us on Tuesday October 8, 2019 7:00-8:30pm

Location:  The Village Metaphysical Center 58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn NH


Early Bird – Register by September 22nd or if you’re a member of The Village, or Greater Derry/Londonderry Chamber of Commerce SAVE $10 with code: EARLYCOC

2. Leave with an enlightened mind-body-energy tool – easy to learn!


RESULTS that Denise’s client experience: 

  • less stress, more confidence, peace of mind, enlightenment, and they discover their Courageous Heart
  • more money, easier sales, perfect client attraction, signature talks, business building, marketing
  • better sleeping, weight loss, feeling energized, and
  • greater success so they live an Awesome Life!

Denise is an Advanced Certified Facilitator of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation, AAMET Accredited Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, NGH Consulting Certified Hypnotist, holds 2 Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Instructional Design, Rishi Shadow Coach, Certified Embodying the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Coach, and even more…

Awesome Life Coaching is a woman-owned, local business in Londonderry, NH, and Denise coaches globally.


Zsuzsa’s focus is to bring therapeutic aspects of yoga and The Feldenkrais Method movement to various audiences to help manage physical and mental challenges that occur in life, focusing primarily on women’s health, pain management, anxiety and stress management, aging, optimum athletic performance, recovery from physical injury and neurological issues.

Zsuzsa studied as a classical ballet dancer for 12 years in Hungary and  many more years here in the US.  After taking a long detour into the world of high tech and international business development, while retaining her original, true, enduring love of movement, she started her yoga journey  practicing with Lilias Folan’s PBS series: Lilias, Yoga and You back in the early eighties, while living in Vermont.  She has studied various forms of yoga since then: Iyengar Yoga with Karin Stephan and Patricia Walden,  as well as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kripalu and Yoga Dance with luminaries of other yoga traditions.

Zsuzsa, after 4 years of intense study,  graduated from the Feldenkrais Institute of New York under the direction of David Zemach-Bersin, director and master trainer and now is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(R) in a private practice in Southern NH.

Moondance Yoga is a woman-owned, local business in Windham, NH.


Q. Do I need to wear special clothes or equipment?

A. Wear comfortable clothes that allows you to move, but no need for special clothing. A yoga mat might be helpful. Bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself.

Q. Will I really feel different after this workshop?

A. Absolutely! You will be more in touch with how your body feels as the tension and pain are released so your energy flows and relaxation is achieved. I bet you even sleep great!

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