• Are you ready to reach your fullest potential by shifting limiting beliefs, past trauma, and changing your perspective?
  • Do you  feel overwhelmed, stressed, or disempowered by life’s pressures?
  • Is it time to shift your attitude, improve family relationships, or create a new life?
  • Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain, smoking, weight gain, fears, or cravings?
  • Tapping Can Help – it’s proving it every day!

The Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT) can help – painlessly and efficiently – to neutralize past traumas, upsetting events, or negative emotions blocking your body’s health and vitality. Limiting beliefs can be accessed, explored, and shifted into new perspectives allowing for new ways of being, living, and relating which you can implement, based on your engagement in the process. The result is you are free to make empowered decisions to achieve your highest potential.

EFT (or Tapping), sometimes called “acupuncture without needles,” works by using gentle tapping on various acupressure points of the nervous system (energy meridians) while focusing on a problem, ailment, or area for success.

Denise M. Simpson, M.Ed., AAMET EFT Accredited Certified Practitioner, will guide you through any negative aspects holding back your vitality, confidence, and abilities. For trauma issues, such as PTSD or anxiety, gentle Tapping techniques can be used without actually reliving the event. Each client experiences Tapping for him/herself in a self-paced, safe way.  Anyone can learn the Tapping technique for self-care and to develop more fully as who they were born to be. Denise is also a certified Consulting Hypnotists providing deep relaxation while affecting life-transformative change.

Stress in today’s environment causes psychological and health challenges.  Tapping is ideal for reducing it, balancing hormones, generating positive energy, and creating possibilities of relief from emotions such as anger, grief, sadness, anxiety, guilt, etc…Pain can be diminished, and often eliminated, with the collapse of stuck patterns/memories in our minds and bodies.

Tapping helps to neutralize negative issues, powerful positive statements integrate a new level of energetic vitality, tapping on new perspectives or beliefs leave the client feeling relieved, confident, relaxed, and able to approach life in a new way.  Live so that your divine self can be revealed with your best gifts being shared with the world.