Heal Your Writing Assassins

5-week Group Program 
Overcome Writer’s Block 
to Boost Productivity

  • Do you want to write your book, signature talk, presentation, workshop, or marketing copy only to get stuck?
  • Do you want to write more consistently, productively, and with greater ease?
  • Do you hear the chatter of your mind sabotaging your efforts, hearing the Inner Critic?

If you said YES!  this 5-week online group program is for you!

  • New writers, beginners, or published authors
  • Copywriters
  • Entrepreneurs writing email and marketing copy
  • Professionals writing presentations, training materials, or reports


Results You Can Expect...
Go from frustration and stress to peace of mind, positive expectations, a customized action plan, and boosted productivity for writing success

<p><strong><span class="s2">Module 1:<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span>Discover Your Hidden Writing Assassins</span></strong></p><ul class="ul1">
<li>In this module we'll take a look 'behind the scenes' of the chatter in your mind and whether it's assassinating your writing efforts.  Writers get stuck, overwhelmed, or stopped int their tracks by the Inner Critic, the Judge, the Saboteur, Procrastination, Resistance...and maybe you have a unique villain preventing the ease and joy of writing.</li>


Module 2:  Free Your Inner Writing Cheerleaders

  • Come meet your Inner Cheerleaders so that words flow with more ease, intuition, creativity,...and Fun!  Embrace your brilliance, the power of your words, and your unique voice in the world.

Module 3:  Change Your Story of Writing Power

You'll create a roadmap of how you tell the story of your writing abilities or weaknesses...and transform the illusion of limitations into the truth of your expertise.


Module 4:  Sacred Self-care & Time for Writing Ease

Every writer needs time to write, and that's the number 1 reason I hear why writers don't write.  Learn tips and build new habits to write on your schedule to actually finish your manuscript and meet deadlines...without all the angst or suffering you've experienced up until now.


Module 5:  Accelerated Action Plan

You'll finish strong with a customized action plan to integrate what you've learned and the deep healing you've experienced so that your confidence grows in your writing ability and you continue boosting your word count and writing productivity.  You'll be glad you did.