Power Passion and Profits

Power Passion & Profits

LIBERATE YOUR Enlightened Entrepreneur to optimize your brilliance, free yourself from limitations and past goal traumas, and Succeed with Ease to energize your wealth

Financial Freedom

Transformational Coaching Package 

You’ll be guided, step-by-step, to uncover and release the secret limitations to your earning, confidence and wealth

Clear the roots to your deepest blocks to both money AND your value so that we bring out more of your natural confidence, personal power, and enthusiastic action...

...and that changes EVERYTHING!

This transformation is about you feeling FREE to be the most powerful, on-fire version of yourself to earn MORE and create wealth without limits.


  • Your Perfect Client
  • Niche Market
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Signature Talk
  • The Right Strategies for the stage of business you're in
  • Networking that Works
  • Speaking that Succeeds
  • and more!

Step Into the Highest Energy of Creating, Giving, Receiving

Start with a FREE 30-min Bust Your Blocks strategy session

 Client Results:

  • Budget $30,000 more in client sales for executive coaching, raised rates
  • Compete for $10,000 prize as one of 4 finalist for Peta Kelly's Jeanius Live
  • Celebrate signing the highest $$$ contract - ever in 1 month after quitting a miserable full-time job to work at home
  • Build confidence to take natural food cooking into production for distribution to stores!
  • Balance energy from reducing stress so that insomnia is no longer a problem, weight release is on-going, and a retired homemaker is succeeding in new business
  • Breakthrough a pattern of dating the wrong men to create a relationship with a man - with conscious dialogue and no yelling at him or the children

Their words:

  • "Denise, my life has changed...it's like magic!  Even that short exercise helped my COPD - I can actually breathe better and that usually only happens when I use my inhaler."
  • "Denise - I lost my mojo, was unmotivated, couldn't get anything started. Now I'm ready to launch my new business with my fiancé - we got engaged! - and I wake up with energy.  My husband to be is happy I've got my "mojo" back! Thank you."
  • "I'm on target to make 4x my salary and I'm charging what I'm worth for my leadership coaching contracts. Thank You!  I'm not afraid of marketing anymore."

Let Me Take You on a Journey....

I would be honored to do this work with you! I will bring my very best to every session - all of my experience, training, intuition, and highest intention for your total success.

If this is speaking to you...and your programming has already cost you TOO MUCH, then I invite you to do this work me and start on the path to being your most powerful self!