Jacqueline M. Kane, CT
Getting back on track, creative and moving forward - Monumental! Before starting the Courageous Heart Living program I found myself procrastinating, living in fear, and not taking action. And it was going through her program and getting the A-Has about why I was procrastinating, and letting go of it and getting back on track that was monumental in getting me back in business, getting creative and moving forward. So if you’re thinking about working with Denise, I highly recommend it. She is highly intuitive. Her programs are amazing and they will help you fulfill the life you want and get you back on track. April 2017

Sheryl LaRosa, Lotus Salon & Retreat, Salem NH

Carolyn McGee CarolynMcGee.com, MA
Crystal Clear Purpose, Wide open Heart, Easier Life, and Effortless Focus My experience with Denise M Simpson: She is really an amazing woman. Before I was dealing with her, I was really having a hard time getting clarity on direction and what was my life purpose, and really where I was supposed to serve the best. Working with Denise and her processes, especially Soul Purpose Clearings, it just became so crystal clear to me what I’m supposed to do. My heart opened up even wider and life just became so much easier and it was effortless for me to be able to really focus and to be able to serve the people that need me. So if you’re looking for direction clarity I highly recommend you work with Denise M. Simpson and get some more clarity and understanding about your path. April 2017
Colleen M. Smith, VT
My name is Colleen, and I want to tell you about my journey with Denise, who I absolutely adore. Her work is so personal and she holds such amazing space for you when you’re working with her. I really adore that and it makes me feel so wonderful when we work together. I was feeling stuck not so much in my business, but the value I had in business and being able to stand in my own power so I was struggling a lot with that - playing small, not giving my all to it. And after working with Denise and some different process and conversations we had, I just was really flip it I actually was able to go out and schedule a workshop and really stand in my power and project myself as an expert as I am in what I do. I’m really grateful to Denise for her expertise and her ability to really hold the space and just know what next step you should be taking to bring you to the destination you are looking for. I highly recommend Denise if you are in the same position I am, she’s amazing! Denise is absolutely amazing and I love woking with her and I highly recommend working with Denise and her Courageous Heart Living program. April 2017
Maureen’s Rise and Shine Wellness Program – results!
“Wow, that was amazing. Your coaching about motherhood and my transition to retirement cleared a channel. Mainly you captured the road I have been on to a T. My life has been a series of journeys, both physical, from Africa to America, and emotional. It’s like packing a suitcase to journey on a train to a new destination, then after some time, packing another suitcase for a new destination. Denise, it is so wonderful to have you guide me in such a loving and non-judgmental way; to acknowledge, evaluate and tie up into a nice little package my journeys in life. It’s tidy now so I can move on. I will remember all my journeys. They all had purpose; there were life lessons in all of them. I now get to use my life lessons, both good and bad, and use these tools. I am now packing a new suitcase and boarding a new train in life. I experienced the nurturing I never felt I had growing up. 2015
Gretchen Jakub, Therapist in psychotherapy, EFT, Kinesiology
Gretchen enjoyed Coaching with Denise "I very much enjoyed working with Denise during our EFT session. I immediately felt at ease with her due to her soft and easy manner. She is a professional who is easy to talk to and listens attentively in order to best respond to the needs of her clients. I feel that Denise is truly interested in the person she is working with and uses her EFT skills as well as her skills in personal therapy to guide the person gently and effectively towards the goals that are set. I definitely recommend Denise to anyone looking for an empathic approach to life change." 2013
Jude F., Ireland
Jude healed 30-year grief! Denise Simpson did a great job guiding me through the EFT Movie Technique in relation to the loss of a loved one more than 30 years ago. I’ve always reacted to loss by going into shock and, at times, have blanked out the memories altogether (as I did in this case). Today, someone I love left unexpectedly to go abroad. I’m delighted for her, and really sad that she’s leaving. However, I didn’t go into shock. I felt the loss (I can’t believe that I’m actually celebrating feeling something really painful!!) We really healed an old wound that night, Denise, I am so very grateful to you. 2013
Sasha S. CA.
Sasha is more hopeful and motivated… “Denise is a wonderful EFT facilitator. In my session, I felt safe, heard, astutely tracked, and directed to bull’s eye accuracy in her tapping scripts for my particular blockages. I appreciated her warmth, humor, sincere caring, and ability to synthesize what I told her into tapping statements that were powerful and catalytic for me. I felt more hopeful, motivated, trusting in my ability to create a more enjoyable future, and freed up as a result of Denise’s generous commitment to my well-being and healing determinations. Thank you, Denise. I greatly appreciate you.” 2013.