You are an amazing woman…doing…powerful and enlightening work.

Cynthia wrote, “Denise, you are an amazing woman with a blindingly bright light to shine on our broken planet. I feel deeply comforted knowing you are out there doing such transformational, powerful and enlightening work.” Cynthia D., AZ 2016

Working with Denise, my life has totally changed in a positive way.

Ela “The Pearl” Munroe, broadcaster at The Pulse 107.7 said “I am amazed at how effective hypnosis is. It is incredibly restful. I focus on what I want…I use it to solve whatever I want to. It is terrific! My life has totally changed in a positive way.” Hudson, NH

I am Good Enough!

I have been lucky to experience an Evolutionary Mystic Meditation session with Denise M. Simpson to deal with perfectionism and feeling not good enough, and it was more than amazing!

Denise is compassionate, intuitive, and very gentle.

Denise is highly skilled in more than one modality, and uses her talents and tools for the the best results for the client.

I felt much better after one session, and I believe there is a shift of me feeling “I CAN do what I want! I AM good enough! Im ready to deliver my talents in even a bigger way!”

I highly recommend working with Denise

on your issues; it is a gift you give to your self to live a more empowered life. Myrette El Sokkhari, Happiness Coach and Queen of Money Manifestation. Egypt

Business is booming…it’s great to be this free!

“Denise, thank you so much! Business is booming (double last year), my relationship with my husband has gotten so much better, and I’m having more fun! I’m taking time for me and stress is way down. My relationship with my sister is improving. I’m really enjoying seeing my growth… I’m proud of all I have achieved…because it will take me to the next level…It’s great to be this free.” Kathy D. Hooksett, NH 2019

I jogged non-stop for the first time in 10 years… I CAN do this!

“Denise, I wanted to let you know I jogged non-stop (with a little walking) for just over 5 kilometers tonight for the first time in over a decade. I gave myself positive affirmations “you are healed” and (near the end) “you can do this!” the whole time. Thanks for your help with these tools! {Doctors gave him only 6-months. He lived 2.5 years before courageously transitioning from brain cancer}. John, MA 2018

I am blown away…my pain is gone!

“After decades of jaw clenching, I definitely noticed a big difference after just 1 session!,” said busy medical professional and mom of young children. She has spent 10 years going to dental and chiropractic appointments with minimal relief.

In one session her pain reduced from 9 to 2.

Now she enjoys more time at home, misses less work, and sleeps better at night. She is communicating more with husband and her marriage is even better than it was! Mom is less irritable and has more patience with children so less guilt about being a “bad mom.” Everyone is happier. M. C. NH 2019

My journey in life… you captured it!

Your coaching about motherhood and my transition to retirement cleared a channel. Mainly you captured the road I have been on to a T.

Wow, that was amazing!

My life has been a series of journeys, both physical, from Africa to America, and emotional. It’s like packing a suitcase to journey on a train to a new destination, then after some time, packing another suitcase for a new destination. 

Denise, it is so wonderful to have you guide me in such a loving and non-judgmental way; to acknowledge, evaluate and tie up into a nice little package my journeys in life. It’s tidy now so I can move on

I will remember all my journeys. They all had purpose; there were life lessons in all of them.  I now get to use my life lessons, both good and bad, and use these tools. I am now packing a new suitcase and boarding a new train in life. I experienced the nurturing I never felt I had growing up.
Maureen H., Derry, NH Jan 29, 2015

I feel more hopeful, motivated, and free!

“Denise is a wonderful EFT Tapping facilitator. 

In my session, I felt safe, heard, astutely tracked, and directed to bull’s eye accuracy in her tapping scripts for my particular blockages.  I appreciated her warmth, humor, sincere caring, and ability to synthesize what I told her into tapping statements that were powerful and catalytic for me. I felt more hopeful, motivated, trusting in my ability to create a more enjoyable future, and freed up as a result of Denise’s generous commitment to my well-being and healing determinations.

Thank you, Denise.  I greatly appreciate you.” Sasha S. CA 2013

Denise, I am so grateful to you for healing a really old wound!

Denise Simpson did a great job guiding me through the EFT Movie Technique in relation to the loss of a loved one more than 30 years ago.

I’ve always reacted to loss by going into shock and, at times, have blanked out the memories altogether (as I did in this case). Today, someone I love left unexpectedly to go abroad. I’m delighted for her, and really sad that she’s leaving.  However, I didn’t go into shock. I felt the loss (I can’t believe that I’m actually celebrating feeling something really painful!!)

We really healed an old wound that night, Denise, I am so very grateful to you.” Jude F., The Business of Therapy, Ireland  Aug 4, 2013