The Secret to Focus is Your Mind

Master your mind to work easier for focussed productivity

If you’re struggling to focus and get work done at home, you’re not alone. Many moms and dads are now juggling work, technology, or interruptions from children or pets. I’ve seen one or two cats walk across the monitor during a webinar or heard the family dog barking, begging for a walk.

Then there’s the increase in your workload as caseloads, clients, or projects change while the business pivots. Switching to webinars, learning new technology, and not having that expert in the cubicle next to you is slowing your productivity down, right? As an entrepreneur now there’s the added pressure of retaining loyal customers or attracting customers in new ways to keep sales high and income flowing. It’s stressful and hard to focus!

Gaining control might seem impossible because so much is still unknown, however you can become more productive and work with less effort. The secret is to shift your mind and body from stress to peace using Tapping, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

For years, I’ve been teaching professionals, entrepreneurs, healers, and creatives how to Tap so that every session creates a state of relaxation in them. They are able to stop the swirling thoughts, overwhelm, and anxiety so that they can actually think…and then become more efficient working. Tasks / paperwork is completed more easily with less effort.

Just today I gave my client 5 solid strategies for transforming her To Do List from overwhelming to a ‘Got Done List’ – and celebrating every step of the way to keep her energy high and mood positive. By the time we finished her session, she was excited to get to work on her highest priorities instead of time-sucking emails that never end. And she was smiling instead of stressed out, anxious, and hating her job.

So if you want to smile while working from home, book a free consultation today. I might not be able to walk the dog for you, but I can help you #stopthestress and #increaseproductivity. Your mind will clear, you’ll be more relaxed and happy, and your family will thank you for being calmer, more patient, and fun to be around. You might even sleep better tonight. It happens all the time with Tapping. Let me show you how.

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