Voting in a COVID-19 World

Flag Vote Freedom

Today is a day requiring us to embody our Courageous Heart – the qualities of fierce compassion towards all, even those polarized with a different political viewpoint that we hold.  Compassion in action is not responding to taunts, jeers, or situations of civil unrest.  Be respectful, wear a mask, stay in line – we can get through this most important election with common sense and good manners.

Voting from your highest conscious with grace, clarity, and presence from the heart will create a peaceful environment of safety despite feeling unsafe in a COVID-19 world. There is a lot of fear in the collective conscious and if you’re an empath it may be bringing you to tears. It did to a friend of mine. Tapping for 60 minutes expressing her feelings of stress, overwhelm, and trying to run a business brought calmness, clarity, lightness, and peace of mind.

Everyone has their mind, life experiences, beliefs and perspectives.  With a strong centered, grounded connection with soul – mind – heart – and body there is less chance of being swayed by misinformation, rhetoric, and misleading distractions from actual facts.

Take a breath, center, then use today to take a stand for freedom, speak your truth by voting, and allow for the differences with other people to be a catalyst for you to be more courageous, more loving, and be a Courageous Heart Leader.

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