How to Tap with Denise

Why Stress Relief is Important

Stress relief is so important to your body and mind. Stress impacts all body systems and causes damage to cells that usually lead to imbalances, if not illness. Stress comes in myriad ways all throughout your day, and during the night if you’re having trouble sleeping. But it doesn’t have to.

By relieving your body and mind of stress you are stopping a harmful cycle of cortisol release in the brain causing a cascade hormonal reaction to the adrenals that kick off adrenaline flooding your body. This is damaging and, for a long life, you don’t want that, right? Here’s what to do instead.

Tapping is the Easy Solution to Stress

Instead of popping that sleep aid or slugging back a few drinks to numb yourself or relieve pain, learn to Tap using your fingers on acupressure points of the body. By applying gentle taps to points on your face, chest, hands, and head you send signals to the brain that short circuit the Stress Response in the amygdala – a collection of nerve tissue in the middle of the brain responsible for the “Fight or Flight” response.

Watch the video for How to Tap to help you learn to do so. And with the Corona Virus and COVID-19 changing life for all of us, I’ll be posting even more resources to help you stop the stress, overwhelm, and struggle. If you need support, email me at [email protected]

With less stress your body’s immune system can focus on healing; it is naturally designed to do so with you giving it the water, nutrition, rest/sleep, and body movement it requires.

Post any questions or comments below for what you experience before and after you Tap. Make it a daily habit and your stress will lower. It’s helping millions around the world…will you be one of them?

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