Courageous Heart Living

Ignite Your Heart to Succeed with Ease


A Courageous heart leads to confidence and charisma manifesting glowing health, flowing wealth, and glowing love!

Your heart is Calling You to Succeed

Ignite your most powerful energy source, YOUR PASSION for glowing health, flowing money, and growing love…

Do you have…

  • COURAGE = the POWER to take bold action
  • CONFIDENCE – soar with SUCCESSFUL steps forward
  • CHARISMA = illuminate your SOUL SELF to MAGNETIZE your heart’s desires…succeed with ease in LIFE

I help Coaches, Healers, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs:

  • struggling with doubt, stuck during a life transition,
  • burdened by the demands of work, family, and finances, and
  • drained down to their core…

to discover and embody their Soul gifts so that they

  • value who they truly are,
  • navigate challenges with clear direction, and
  • succeed with a peaceful alignment of heart and mind to manifest money, love, and success

A courageous heart soars with the joy of being alive!

  • Turn stress or stagnation into the passion of living so that you feel liberated from past memories, events, and even karmic debts.
  • Heal…breaking free of limiting patterns that stop you in your tracks
  • Discover, embody and expand YOUR SOUL GIFTS so that you know who YOU TRULY ARE.


Become the hero in YOUR life magnetizing the right people, circumstances, events and opportunities.

Your Courageous Life Starts Here…are you ready?

  • 7-Week on-line course
  • Downloadable Call Recordings – listen at your convenience
  • Q&A for coaching: support and clarity, soul purpose clearings for RESULTS
  • Private Facebook Membership – enjoy a community for support and networking

Special Launch Price $297.00

Success begins with a single step

This 7-week on-line home study course will transform your life:

  • Soul = creating action aligned with your values, wisdom, talents, and vision so that your
  • Self = confident, decisive, free to create
  • Success = money flows, health looks and feels like energy, joy and balance, and relationships are intimate, vibrant, and alive

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BE the Heroine living with a Courageous Heart

Clients get RESULTS – Testimonials

“Denise, I was stressed out with NO sales after 90 consultations. It’s frustrating hearing people just saying “no”. I need to break through this pattern. Then, we did the Soul Purpose Clearing and the next day I was contacted by a woman who found me on Facebook. She called me and within 30 minutes she couldn’t wait to give me her credit card signing up for my year-long weight release/nutrition course. I made a $10,000 sale! I’m thrilled!”
Guylaine G., Canada”

“I haven’t been close to my sister in 15 years – there’s tension, conflict, and it’s difficult to even have a phone conversation.  After 1 session of Courageous Heart Living, my sister called me unexpectedly. We talked, she invited me to a concert and we went. It was wonderful!  Today she came to visit my new house. It was great – there was no criticism or judgment. It just wasn’t there. Thank you Denise!”
Ina B., MA

“Denise, thank you!  I just had 2 weeks of $5,000 or more and my debt has gone down.  I see opportunities all around – and I’m writing my book after not taking any action in a year.  I love what I’m doing and feel better than ever.”
Sue N. NH  Monarch Health Coaching

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