A Courageous Heart…the time is NOW

Now is the time for embodying your Courageous Heart more than ever!

With the world on virtual lockdown due to the Corona Virus, most people are self-quarantining, wearing masks, and facing financial struggles of job losses and business closures.

There are positive actions too as government’s create relief programs, neighbors help neighbors, and on Facebook there are more calls for positivity and compassion. We are relating more as human-to-human…instead of just me and you, us versus them. As we social distance physically we are connecting more deeply via technology. Relationships are being reconsidered as the threat of losing a family member becomes real. Is it worth holding onto a grudge from that family gathering 15 years ago? Or can we see past the errors of the ego operating as it defends the psyche from perceived danger? We all have human foibles, quirks, and both positive and negative characteristics.

We are all in this together – while socially distancing.

Maybe for the first time in human history we are beginning to cooperate as Earthlings, a planetary consciousness is arising and the unifying soul calling is for LOVE to overcome fear. Love is the only energy that really matters for survival after all. All other emotions pale in comparison or are destructive — greed, jealousy, resentment, anger, hatred, betrayal, or abandonment. What are the consequences of acting out?

Contrast that with love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, and acceptance. What is the impact from an act of kindness?


The Beatles

Notice how your body feels just by reading these words. Breath and take this in. Sense, notice, just BE for a moment…what do you notice? Come down out of your mind and into your body. Ah, that’s good. A bit of relief maybe?

In energy psychology we talk about the Mind-Body connection, and for me the key to success in all areas of life is connecting to Spirit and Soul. Oh sure, some people can reach material success with a heartless, relentless push to achieve, but at what cost? Connecting with your soul for success means there is more divine inspiration, intuitive whispers directing you, and action aligned with the highest values for the good of all. There is peace, joy, and freedom in this way of being, doing, and lastly, having.

Your body is energy…your heart is the most powerful energy field.
What emotion are you projecting with your heart – in this moment?

You live in a body that feels sensations and without the proper training to operate the energy in your body, you will be hampered connecting to your Soul on the highest level. When connected you live with Spirit guiding you everyday resulting in fewer struggles and less suffering. Your heart is the key between your physical body and your Soul, and therefore, your key to truly living out your heart’s desires as your True Self.

For more exploration and mastering of your mind-body-soul, I invite you to receive my gift set for Courageous Heart Living.

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Blessings to you, stay safe, be well, and keep an open heart.



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