7 Steps to Easy Self Care

What self-care really is…

Self care often times gets a bad rap of a ‘selfish’ action. Putting oneself first in front of work, a partner, child care, elder care, family, or friends, the groceries, household chores, banking, laundry, getting the oil changed, etc…of course it comes last on the To Do list. However, it shouldn’t.

Self care is not finding time…but choosing to make time for you. Not because you are selfish, but because you are stressed out, overwhelmed, struggling to get through the day and wondering where your energy and enthusiasm for life has gone. Being chronically stressed depletes your energy, your body, your peace of mind, and ultimately will cause imbalance in the body leading to diseases.

Self care is a critical part of wellness – for life

Self care activities can be fast and easy, or more luxurious for how you choose to pamper yourself. It takes a Courageous Heart to set a boundary and say “I need a little time for me,” and ask for help to ensure you get that time from your family. They will be rewarded by you being more present and loving in the long run.

7 Easy Steps to Self Care

Here are 7 steps to easy self care that when practiced will lead to a more vibrant, balanced life and greater productivity due to clear thinking.

  1. Breathe – take 3-5 deep breaths through the nose pulling the air deep into your belly. Sense the breath sinking into your core as your abdomen expands. Pay attention so you’re not just breathing into your shoulders. Deep, slow inhales drop the Vagus nerves and relax the Stress response in the brain. Pause and then slowly exhale allowing tension to release. On the inhale focus on “Relax”.
  2. Nature – move your body with a walk outside. Put the technology away for a few moments to notice the environment around you. Give your eyes and ears a chance to see and hear. Smell by breathing while you walk. This is enriching and will slow your brain waves down. Allow your mind to wander a bit as you wander without thinking of the pressure to DO, DO, DO. Funny enough – by shifting into a different brain wave state you will actually increase your FOCUS.
  3. Water – Hydrate your brain, which is 65-75% water. Your body needs pure, clean water to lubricate joints, aid in digestion and elimination, and flush toxins from your body. If you don’t like the taste of pure water, contact me for a free tip sheet for 10 Tips for Water You Want to Drink
  4. Food as medicine – what you eat impacts your brain for productivity, your gut for digestion and metabolism, your bones, muscles,…everything! Avoid alcohol, sweets, fats, and salty foods. Eat clean, organic, fresh food that you can identify as being grown versus processed and your body will thank you with more vibrant health. Learn Tapping to control your cravings and hypnosis works wonders too with creating healthy habits.
  5. Meditation/Tapping – take 15 minutes to use Tapping to reduce stress, and you can use it throughout your day to keep interrupting the Stress Response. Meditation also works however it takes longer for those new to the practice.
  6. Bathe – that’s right, take a bath! Warm water with 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, and a few drops of an essential oil can do wonders to soak away your stress, soothe muscles, and actually help you detox through the skin.
  7. Pampering for self care may include a nap, a massage given to yourself, by a partner, or professional. Sometimes a mani/pedi or a facial is just what you want. Go to a yoga or Reiki energy session, hypnosis for stress relief, or other holistic treatment to really help rejuvenate your body – mind – soul.
Choose to make time for regular self-care. Set reminders to build self care habits.

Self care on a budget is doable! Build a new habit for self care and the benefits become obvious in a short time as self care becomes self love. And that’s not selfish…just common sense. With vibrant energy, clarity, and peace FOCUS becomes easier so you actually can be more present with others. And that is how you can actually provide more to those you love.

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