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Get Relief from Anxiety

The Corona Virus causing COVID-19 can be unsettling causing you to lose sleep, feel anxious or even scared. Tapping can be an awesome tool to neutralize the stress response of ‘Fight or Flight’ in your body. You’ll move from feeling panic to more in control….from feeling anxious to feeling calmer by watching this video and […]

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Meditation: Courageous Heart Wisdom

Take a lunch break to go from frazzled, frustrated, or the chaos in your mind to tap into a calm, peaceful, high frequency state of Courageous Heart connection. Stop stress, overwhelm, and struggle and limiting beliefs from your Inner Critic, Doubt, Fears, and Judgment.

This week: Introduction to the Controller of the mind, the Protector, and the Courageous Heart of Infinite Love.

This class is for you: new meditators wanting an easy way or seasoned meditators who appreciate reaching enlightenment in 60 minutes or less. We’ll sit in comfy chairs so no special clothing or yoga mats are required. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

You will leave relaxed, with more clarity, energized and motivated to act for your heart’s desires, your dharma. With practice you will find manifestations become easier, harmonize your mind – and your life.

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